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Friday Mass

REEL FEEL continued last night with a set of distinct screenings.  Following on the flashback theme of Thursday’s The Childhood You Never Had, at 8pm Kate Ettinger and Amanda Mummery guided us on a return trip to adolescence, complete with fruit roll-ups, Ritz crackers, caramel corn and sodas.  The underground locale, with its scattered seat cushions and cozy confines, conjured memories of the basement movie nights of our teenage-years, a feeling that was further reinforced by the raw emotional quality and exploration of identity that united the videos of Jennifer Reeder, Lisa Chung, and Sadie Benning.

Then, at 10pm, Katie Gleysteen and Solomon Turner transported us above ground (back to reality) with their program How to Be Good at Being Human, which unreeled amidst the rarified atmosphere of Oberlin College’s Fairchild Chapel.  This screening took up where The Adolescent Identity: Shifting Perceptions of the Self left off, at the precipice of youth and adulthood, offering instructions (tongue in cheek?) for how to make it in the world.  We work to get by.